Meet our team.

As learning and development (L&D) professionals, the TrainingPros team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from all facets of our industry.

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Relationship Managers​

Kelley Kalbas | TrainingPros Relationship Manager, Atlanta

Kelley Kalbas

Cheryl Manning | TrainingPros Relationship Manager, Atlanta & Tampa

Cheryl Manning

Atlanta & Tampa
Susan Sheehan | TrainingPros Relationship Manager, Chicago

Susan Sheehan

Leigh Hurst - Relationship Manager - TrainingPros

Leigh Hurst

Lori Fancher | TrainingPros Relationship Manager, AtlantaLori Fancher | TrainingPros Relationship Manager, Atlanta

Lori Fancher

Chenier Mershon | TrainingPros Relationship Manager, Dallas & Ft. WorthChenier Mershon | TrainingPros Relationship Manager, Dallas & Ft. Worth

Chenier Mershon

Dallas & Ft. Worth
John Buschiazzo | TrainingPros Relationship Manager, Orlando

John Buschiazzo

TracyDee Lufkin | TrainingPros Relationship Manager, Denver

TracyDee Lufkin

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Avaya Training Services

Melanie Underwood | TrainingPros Avaya Relationship Manager, Denver

Melanie Underwood

Carole Meade | TrainingPros Avaya Relationship Manager, West Palm Beach

Carole Meade

West Palm Beach
Valerie Trotter | TrainingPros International Learning Manager

Valerie Trotter

Learning Manager
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Business Growth

Leigh Anne Lankford | TrainingPros President & Director of Growth

Leigh Anne Lankford

President &
Director of Growth
Sarah Plumb | TrainingPros Sales Enablement Coordinator

Sarah Plumb

Sales Enablement Coordinator

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Michelle Estrada | TrainingPros Senior Director of Operations

Michelle Estrada

Senior Director of
Nicole Darby | TrainingPros Talent Ambassador

Nicole Darby

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Customer Success

Heather Bedillion | TrainingPros Customer Success Specialist

Heather Bedillion

Customer Success Specialist
Patti Watts | TrainingPros Customer Success Associate

Patti Watts

Customer Success Associate
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Talent Acquisition

Michele Carello | TrainingPros Director of Talent Acquisition

Michele Carello

Director of
Talent Acquisition
Julie Coyne | TrainingPros Talent Acquisition ConsultantJulie Coyne | TrainingPros Talent Acquisition Consultant

Julie Coyne

Talent Acquisition Consultant
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Anessia Foley | TrainingPros Digital Solutions Designer

Anessia Foley

Graphic Artist
Stacey Piccolo | TrainingPros Project Manager

Stacey Piccolo

Marketing Coordinator
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Consultant Partners

Laura Sharon | TrainingPros Consultant Partner, Virginia

Laura Sharon

David Amborski | TrainingPros Consultant Partner, Atlanta

David Amborski

Diane Brescher | TrainingPros Consultant Partner, New Jersey

Diane Brescher

New Jersey
Malu Schloss | TrainingPros Consultant Partner, New York

Malu Schloss

New York

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