Technical Writer

Have you ever wondered who writes that “how to” manual you use when assembling that piece of furniture? Have you ever looked up the instructions for that new kitchen gadget online? Instructions for use and manuals are written by Technical Writers. 

A Technical Writer is detail focused and educated on how to write instructions for large groups of employees or consumers.

What does a Technical Writer do?

According to, a technical writer writes company documents such as instruction manuals, intermediate to end-user manuals, reference guides, operating procedure guides, white papers, and specialized product descriptions. 

What skills does a Technical Writer need?

Technical Writers are naturally good writers, organized, detail focused, and enjoy research. Some things Technical Writers regularly do as part of their job include: 

  • Research information. 
  • Interview knowledge workers and subject matter experts. 
  • Gather and catalogue information. 
  • Keep meticulous records. 
  • Proofread. 
  • Work in an Agile / SCRUM environment. 

When you need a technical manual for your employees, partners, or customers, a Technical Writer can research, validate, and publish an easy-to-use document. 

What software does a Technical Writer need to know how to use?

  • MadCap
  • Visio 
  • SnagIT
  • Document Management Systems
  • ClickHelp
  • WalkMe 
  • Adobe Desktop Publishing
  • WordPress
  • Adobe Framemaker 
  • Adobe RoboHelp 

How do I find a Technical Writer consultant?

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