TrainingPros and a Leading High-Tech Company Honored with 2021 Brandon Hall Group Gold Award

2021 Brandon Hall Group – Gold – Leadership Development: “Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Program”

TrainingPros, in partnership with a renowned high-tech company, has been awarded the 2021 Brandon Hall Group Gold Award for Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Development Program. This prestigious accolade recognizes their outstanding collaboration in transforming an in-person leadership development program into an innovative and highly effective virtual format.

Executive Summary

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, a leading high-tech company known for its technological advancements needed to adapt its in-person leadership development for new managers into a virtual format. The company approached TrainingPros about helping with both instructional designers for the project as well as a thought partner to help with innovative design thinking. With the expert assistance of TrainingPros, this transition was seamless and successful, culminating in the esteemed Gold Award from the Brandon Hall Group.

The Challenge

In 2020, the high-tech company was tasked with converting its comprehensive, three-day in-person new leader development program into a virtual setting. The primary objectives were to:

  • Accelerate the development of new managers.
  • Ensure the program remained tightly integrated with business strategies.
  • Maintain high engagement and effective learning outcomes despite the shift to a virtual format.

The Solution

TrainingPros played a pivotal role in redesigning and delivering the virtual leadership development program. Their expertise in instructional design ensured the program retained its effectiveness while adapting to new formats and constraints. Key elements of the revamped program included:

  • Micro-Learning Modules: Content was restructured into twelve 2-hour sessions, delivered twice a week, to fit into participants’ schedules and maintain engagement.
  • Interactive Learning: Incorporation of breakout sessions, scenario-based discussions, and moderated chat rooms to replicate in-person interactivity.
  • Strengths-Based Approach: Utilization of Marcus Buckingham’s StandOut 2.0 to emphasize individual strengths.
  • Social Learning and Networking: Creation of Success Teams for peer-to-peer learning and networking.
  • Comprehensive Support: Pre-session work, discussion boards, and individual coaching sessions to support continuous learning.
  • Facilitator Training and Technical Support: Extensive training for facilitators and use of platforms like Zoom and WebEx to ensure smooth virtual delivery.

The Result

The virtual leadership development program exceeded all expectations:

  • 95% of participants felt the course met their expectations.
  • 100% reported increased confidence in their managerial roles.
  • The program achieved a Net Promoter Score of 88.

Participants experienced significant benefits, including improved team engagement, enhanced coaching skills, and better strategic alignment with the company’s goals. The successful transition to a virtual format, guided by TrainingPros, has set a new standard for leadership development in the industry.

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