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Have you ever attended a virtual meeting or class that was riddled with technical problems? Have you attended one where someone other than the speaker or facilitator was handling all the technical aspects of the program? Ensuring that all the technology and logistics are handled seamlessly in a virtual meeting or virtual classroom (vILT) is the role of a Virtual Classroom Producer or Virtual Meeting Producer.  

A Virtual Classroom Producer is technologically savvy, a natural helper, and is very organized. A virtual classroom producer can transform a virtual meeting or class into a trouble-free, productive session.  

What does a Virtual Classroom Producer do?

A virtual producer ensures that a virtual meeting or course is well planned, is executed without difficulty, and focuses on enabling the trainer or facilitator to achieve their goals for the virtual classroom session. 

What skills does a Virtual Classroom Producer need?

What skills does a Virtual Classroom Producer need? 

Virtual Classroom Producers are customer service focused, natural helpers, technically savvy, and knowledgeable about adult learning. Some things Virtual Classroom Producers regularly do as part of their job include: 

  • Pre-plan the session with the facilitator or speaker. 
  • Run technology checks prior to the program. 
  • Enable polls, handouts, breakout rooms, and other virtual meeting interactions. 
  • Communicate seamlessly with the facilitator or speaker. 
  • Monitor chat and polls. 
  • Speak during pre-planned moments to the class at large. 
  • Ensure participants are fully enabled to listen and learn in the session. 

When you need a seamless virtual meeting or class, a Virtual Classroom Producer can ensure that the required planning, testing, and execution takes place. 

What software does a Virtual Classroom Producer need to know how to use?

  • WebEx
  • Zoom
  • Teams
  • Remu
  • GoToTraining
  • GoToWebinar 
  • Adobe Connect 

How do I find a Virtual Classroom Producer?

Are you looking to staff a Virtual Producer? Let our practitioner Relationship Managers find the best consultant for your upcoming project. 

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